fake xmas tree

i’m so keen on doing my financial accounting h-work that… i decided to write this post before i start:) today was weird. in a good way. there are a lot of people that will tell you to THINK BIG. PURSUE YOUR DREAMS. DRIVE CHANGE!…especially at GSB. and being the way I am (don’t know if […]


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I guess this is an indispensable part of every MBA-related blog:) I’ll try to summarize the key points of my MBA application process with few suggestions that I hope you’ll find helpful: 1. The Choice of B-School: crucial point in the whole process. There are fundamental differences between the top b-schools and you need to make […]

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It’s been a week since my first post and I must say having a blog is (freakin’ ) addictive🙂 Especially when people (You) actually read it. I’m blown away by the number of views / unique visitors: 750/200. WOW – THANKS! I hope You’ll be coming back and enjoying the content. Promise to do my best. […]

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The (in)Decision

It was the summer of 2010 when a fellow P&Gier asked me: ‘have you thought about getting an mba in the US?’, my answer was: ‘not really. why?’. Two years later I decided to apply. Why so late…and what changed, you might ask. Well good questions. Let’s see: In 2010: 1. THERE WERE OTHER THINGS […]

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Applying to a business school is quite a lengthy process, so here are few tips where to start: 1. (AB)USE THE INTERNET. there are a lot of places online where you will find valuable information about mba programs. below i present to you 3 that i found most useful. bookmark them and visit regularly: – poetsandquants.com: start […]

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