Today I had the privilege, thanks to one of my classmates, to have a dinner with an extraordinary individual. Business savvy, but more importantly ‘life-smart’. A GSB alumn that had a very successful career and is now retired. He spent 30 years at one company (sth a bit ‘cosmic’ when you look at it from today’s […]

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It’s been a month since the last post and there are a few topics I would love to share. First off: 1st year academics at the GSB Below is my subjective list of the ‘top 5 classes’ that I’ve taken this year.  Of course this is not a representative list and to be honest, in […]

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THAT time of an MBA1’s life is here. It’s been shyly lurking for the last 2 months and finally came for good. SUMMER RECRUITING. It feels kind of odd…almost as if I was beamed back to 2006 (yes, 8 years ago) and my undergrad summer internship recruiting. First and so far the last one in […]

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