do what you love.

To be happy I think you have to be doing something you not only enjoy, but admire. You have to be able to say, at the end, wow, that’s pretty cool. Paul Graham


You know how sometimes you think to yourself ‘…wait a minute, how did I end up here?’. Well that’s exactly what I’m going to write about.

This post is about an article I stumbled upon recently and, weirdly enough, about the process of how I found it. It’s a silly one, but bear with me.

Before my last quarter at the GSB I had decided that I wanted to take a few classes that sounded interesting and where I could learn a skill – did not have to be useful, it just had to be something I would’ve had fun doing. So I chose the Digital Photography and Photoshop class. For several different reasons, I ended up not getting in. Fortunately enough one of my classmates: Johnson a.k.a Huang, decided to run a weekend crash course on Photoshop to raise money for his amazing project The Grammaticus (  At one point during the workshop he mentioned the name of Tim Ferriss – can’t recall why. I Googled him and left that tab open in my browser. Later that day I went back to that tab and started browsing through Tim’s blog. I noticed that he’s got a podcast and figured I might as well listen to a few episodes on my way to campus and back. First one was with Kevin Rose, co-founder of Digg and an investor (Facebook, Twitter, Square, Foursquare): I got hooked. Second one I listened to was with a guy named: Ryan Holiday. In the interview he mentioned an article by Paul Graham titled: maker’s schedule, manager’s schedule and how it was the best thing that helped him manage his daily work routine. As a hungry for knowledge MBA student I dove right into the article. It’s amazing.

But then I clicked on the link below the article and found THIS GEM.

It is one of those things that you will bookmark and go back to every 3-4 months. If not, you should, because every single line is an insight. It’s simply beautiful.

I read it. I loved it. I want to put it into action. Just need to figure out how.

my point(s)?

1. ‘…wait a minute…’ is a fun exercise to do, because more often than not it leads to those  ‘HA! I did not see that coming’ moments. try it.

2. read the article.

3. agree with me:)



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