8 weeks to go…

I was at a dinner party tonight and one of my classmates asked: what’s the one thing we’d have changed about our GSB experience and what we’re looking forward to in our last quarter.


I couldn’t help but wonder (;D) how these questions must have come up every year around that time…

I’d bet all my money that every year the responses were similar: more time getting to know other people, worrying less about academics, being more intentional about how we wanted to spend our time at the GSB…

Now the funniest thing is that when we asked the alumni and mba2s, they all told us the exact same things…and yet we didn’t listen.

My point?  WE LEARN NOTHING. Which accidentally is the title of one of the funniest yet most insightful books I’ve read in years. One of my favorite quotes from the book is:  “I wish I could recommend the experience of not being killed to everyone.”

Which brings me to my point. Thanks to tonight I remembered one of the first posts I wrote:

 ‘chin up. smile big. release the worry and enjoy. for serious.’ 

It’s a quote from an MBA’11…he had it all figured out: and yet I was too stubborn, anxious, afraid, smart…whatever…to listen. btw. it is the single best advice about the GSB i’ve ever heard.


..now I know better. And it’s not because he said so. 

‘Cause I’ve learnt it my way. 

‘Cause in the end we enjoy having regrets. 

‘Cause we like getting better. 

‘Cause we don’t like hanigng out with blokes that don’t regret anything. 

They’re phony;)



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