THAT time of an MBA1’s life is here. It’s been shyly lurking for the last 2 months and finally came for good. SUMMER RECRUITING. It feels kind of odd…almost as if I was beamed back to 2006 (yes, 8 years ago) and my undergrad summer internship recruiting. First and so far the last one in […]

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grandpa’s cologne

It is always in the most unexpected moments when an idea pops in to my head: i.e. while i’m shopping… Don’t know if my grandpa used Old Spice (highly unlikely), but then again…u never know. Anyways my shower gel made me laugh…and think (it DOES SOUND STUPID, i know:)) about the GSB and what I […]

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thank you 2013

A year ago around this time I was sitting in my parents’ living room and polishing my GSB application. I hit the ‘submit’ button just before Christmas. Little had I known how much change 2013 was holding for me.  Now, a year later, I’m back in the same chair trying to get my head around […]

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action expresses priorities

First things first – i apologize for being silent the past couple of weeks. i guess the GSB workload got hold of me…a bit. anyways, today about choices. After 2 months here my hypothesis is that the core purpose of an MBA is to teach the incoming students how to be good or even great […]

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public speaking is like s*x…

…you want to do it well, but if you want it too badly then it will inhibit your performance. ok, i caught your attention with my little claim/teaser and intrigued you with the reveal. now i should add a disclaimer (marketing 101;)): what you’ve read is a quote from Tony Parsons‘ article: ‘Perfecting your speech: […]

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