chin up. smile big. release the worry and enjoy. for serious.

…first week of the next 2 years of my life has passed. AND?  I’m still trying to figure out what just happened. I guess it is mainly because during the first 7 days spent here i was: a/ amazed by the size and sheer beauty of campus, b/ handling 300 small things from getting a new phone # to buying pillows for my ‘less than fabulous’ dorm room and c/ getting to know through formal and VERY INFORMAL ‘get-togethers’:D my class.

so far it seems like i was beamed into a parallel reality (well beamed via 30 hrs spent on planes and at airports:D). but once you’re here this is what happens: everyone is nice. EVERYONE! everyone is crazy smart. EVERYONE! sun is always shinning. ALWAYS! and if you’re not a big fan of sleeping, this would be your wonderland:D (and classes haven’t started yet…;))

how do i feel about all that? well some of the anxiety is gone, some is still here…but really i just want things to get going!

let me quote a fellow blogger and a gsb alumn:

‘The GSB costs a pretty penny and forces you to quit your job and relocate to the ‘burbs of Silicon Valley, but I wouldn’t take back any of it. The only advice I would give my self of a few years ago is — chin up, smile big, release the worry, and enjoy. For serious.’

i promise i will try to do just that.

meanwhile…Dean welcomes MBA1s tmrw and on Monday first classes start. yey! so more to come next week.

till then take care!

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