Into The Void…well not exactly:)

I’m back. THE YACHT WEEK is over. It was my first encounter with the GSB community and it’s been quite an exciting one. First of all – a group of amazing individuals, with a variety of exciting backgrounds. Second of all, I was quite amazed about how well we all got along – and I tell you it is not that easy, especially if you put total strangers for a week in a waaaaaay toooo small boat and a skipper that is paranoid with safety:) Still we had a blast – though my liver might have a different opinion here:)

Anyways TYW made me realize that the start of my GSB adventure is around the corner. What it means is that in just few days I will leave all the familiar and well known behind. I’m excited and anxious at the same time.

EXCITED because:

of exploring something new. I’ve never been to California, never seen the campus nor even studied abroad. So it will be my own small discovery of the US.

of getting to know better all GSBiers from TYW + more. I don’t think there was a single person that didn’t make me say ‘WOW’ at one point of their life story…and I’ve heard maybe 5% of them all.

of all the learning opps out there at GSB and Stanford. Hearing from the Stanford undergrads how many things are happening on campus, I’ve decided to put a recurring order for red bull to be delivered to my dorm:)

ANXIOUS because:

of being able to keep up

of being able to fit in.

of being able to make the best out of those 2 years.

I think the above 3 are pretty self explanatory…and generic in a sense, that one can attribute them to all SIGNIFICANT CHANGES.

But you know what – this anxiety gives me even more reasons why I should go and make the best out of the next 2 years at Stanford. That’s what I’ve been after for the last 1,5 years…and now it’s here. SO BRING IT ON!:)


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