You’ll Be OK


Lessons from the GSB are like your Mom’s advice: it’s hard to argue with them, but it’s even harder to follow them consistently.

Surprisingly, some of them are even the same ones I’ve heard from my Mom. The only difference being, now I had to pay big bucks for them:)

On a more serious note though, I’ve had a blast writing this blog and even more fun once I’ve realized how many of you actually read it. And let’s be honest, some of the posts were gibberish…but only some.

This is going to be my last one, so I was thinking how to sum it all up and I figured, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite quotes from the people that I’ve come across at the GSB in the last 2 years. I hope they will resonate with you and convey just a little bit of the school’s magic.

  • ‘The knowledge of human behaviors is power’ 
  • ‘You can always find a way, nothing is the end of the world.’
  • ‘Small adjustments to the truth are more damaging than we think.’ 
  • ‘There’s a difference between what people can prove and what they believe in’
  • ‘Know what makes people tick’
  • ‘Act as if someone is always watching.’
  • ‘Sharing is giving something you need to someone that needs it more’
  • ‘Most important lessons in life come from the most unexpected people’ 
  • ‘Make numbers meaningful. Do the math for people.’ 
  • ‘The first to product-market fit wins. Not the first to market.’ 
  • ‘Savor surprises’
  • ‘Never play another man’s game’
  • ‘Fail fast and cheap’
  • ‘Good judgement comes from experience, experience comes from bad judgement’
  • ‘The initial business plan is always wrong’
  • ‘Switch your mindset from “O shit!” to “O!”‘
  • ‘Main thing is to keep the main thing, main thing’
  • ‘Don’t be afraid to start at the bottom. Don’t let your education hold you back’
  • ‘Investing is a cyclical business. If nothing’s cheap, do nothing’
  • ‘Never judge a decision by its outcome’
  • ‘Don’t let anyone monkey with your swing’
  • ‘Make today a great experience’
  • ‘Never miss an opportunity to shut up’
  • ‘None of us is as smart as all of us’
  • ‘Spend 80% of your time on where the next 80% of your revenue is going to come from.’
  • ‘Don’t complain to people’
  • ‘Don’t burden other people’
  • ‘Take perspective of other people’
  • ‘Know your boss’ favorite heuristics’
  • ‘Die young as late as possible’
  • ‘I have not met an unhappy successful entrepreneur, but I have met many unhappy successful CEOs’
  • ‘What career would you pursue if you knew you wouldn’t fail?’
  • ‘Your career should serve your life’
  • ‘Don’t spend 5 years to get 2 years of experience’
  • ‘Being wealthy is having money and time’
  • ‘Change is a form of hope’
  • ‘Life’s lived in chapters’
  • ‘Life is a sequence of equilibrium and disequilibrium’
  • ‘When in doubt about love…talk to a woman’
  • ‘Surprise others. Get them out of the ordinary’

…and remember, at the end of the day: ‘You’ll Be OK’

Take Care. M.


One thought on “You’ll Be OK

  1. Those are all thoughts that expect some reflection, but then turn out to be very profound.

    Michal, thanks for sharing your experience with us! Hope every now and then (~6 months) you will come back here to review your MBA experience once emotions have settled down and to let us know how being a GSB alum has impacted your life and career.

    Good luck!

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