everything is better if it ends with a dance-off …

…true story:) it’s been quite an interesting week. I think one that some of the MBA1s (me for sure) needed. The week was split between an OB (Org. Behavior) class called Managing Groups & Teams and a ‘gazillion’ meetings ranging from gsb culture through intl study trips to financial aid.

Frankly speaking I enjoyed that idea of ‘romancing’ a bit of academic experience with all the info-sessions. It was an introduction to what it will feel like being a student again…but a smooth one. In parallel we did receive a lot of answers to burning questions and reassurance that feeling stressed, a bit disoriented, maybe nervous or anxious is natural. AND that there’s an abundance of resources that will help us overcoming any problems we might face…

…although i sometimes catch myself thinking, why am I even worried (and i’m worried)? how likely is it that things after gsb will go wrong? i mean..it’s GSB:)

Anyways Groups&Teams class itself was a lot of fun – a low stress, case based (or rather game-based) look at what are the principles of great-performing teams. a lot of interesting and in many cases eye-opening insights (or as in P&G we used to call it: A-HA moments – still in my bloodstream:)). on top we’ve learned:

1. that 40 minutes is not enough time for 5 adults to figure out how to assemble a simple LEGO-MAN structure;

2. that cheating doesn’t pay off (especially if you’re cheating on your wife with a daughter of your employee:D);

3. and that no matter how smart & savvy you think you are, if you don’t listen to an MD, you will die on an Arizona desert!

…plus section 1 rocks…

now a weekend to party a bit, relax a bit and prepare a bit…’cause as of Monday it starts… this time FOR REAL!


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