fake xmas tree

i’m so keen on doing my financial accounting h-work that… i decided to write this post before i start:) today was weird. in a good way.

there are a lot of people that will tell you to THINK BIG. PURSUE YOUR DREAMS. DRIVE CHANGE!…especially at GSB. and being the way I am (don’t know if it’s because I’m Polish or because I worked too long at a big corpo) i’m skeptical and reserved when i hear those statements. sure they are inspiring and (hopefully) true, but the real world isn’t a b-school. it’s nice to talk about BIG IDEAS in the classroom, but when push comes to shove, having a safe and sustainable source of ‘decent’ income is what wins over the idealistic notion of changing lives…..changing the world.

…and then a day like today happens.

I had the privilege of listening to Elon Musk. Amazing mind. A person that co-founded PayPal & SolarCity and is the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX. A visionary that wants to change the world (and btw is doing it). Every single one of his endeavors is purpose driven. the purpose?: moving the world forward.

…and then i meet a gsb alumn.

a very nice guy. i’m sure he had/has a potential to drive change, but instead he decided to…go into the business of selling artificial Christmas trees. i’m not judging his choice…well i am. And I AM, because i think if you graduate from the BEST B-SCHOOL IN THE WORLD you have to MAKE A DIFFERENCE. otherwise why would you go to GSB in the first place?

now just to be fair, to make a difference you don’t have to design the first commercial rocket to bring supply to the International Space Station;)

anyways, i just set the bar high for myself, so let’s see what happens.

buy Tesla:D


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