action expresses priorities

First things first – i apologize for being silent the past couple of weeks. i guess the GSB workload got hold of me…a bit. anyways, today about choices.

After 2 months here my hypothesis is that the core purpose of an MBA is to teach the incoming students how to be good or even great at making tough choices. GSB seems like Willie Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. We had won a golden ticket, but if we’re not smart about the choices we make, we might get lost. ok, corny comparison – but you get the point:)

As MBA1s we had lived in a blissful ignorance until Monday…that’s when all the ‘hell broke loose’…15 meetings/day, recruiting, bbls, views from the top, diversity talks, 25 clubs asking to join them…on top of the regular accountings, strategies, CATs and SEEDs of this (GSB) world.  I must admit – I kind of enjoy it. It’s a candy store that one can get lost in. I think it’s a great feeling, for a short period at least…we go in, indulge ourselves with all the sweets, get lured by shiny and delicious treats, try different ones and…hopefully decide on the type and amount we can handle:D (boom! another corny metaphor)

Anyways – one thing that helped me anchor myself a bit stronger in reality was a question from my Leadership Fellow Coach:

would you be satisfied with your time at the GSB if tomorrow was your graduation? 

It is a hypothetical one (i hope). but also a suggestive one: fill up your calendar with stuff you really want to do and see the biggest value in. EVERY  DAY.

as one really smart person said, at the end of the day: action expresses priorities.


as a bonus a picture of a friendly raccoon i run into on my way to EV today… wonder if (s)he’s the famous #407:)


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