THAT time of an MBA1’s life is here. It’s been shyly lurking for the last 2 months and finally came for good. SUMMER RECRUITING.

It feels kind of odd…almost as if I was beamed back to 2006 (yes, 8 years ago) and my undergrad summer internship recruiting. First and so far the last one in my life. Until now.

It stresses me out like no tomorrow (there, i said it). This might seem surprising, given that it is just a silly summer internship – so really, all things considered, something insignificant . But not if you’re in a top b-school (the one that tells you to change the world…).’Cause:

1. You were lucky enough to get in. There were 16 very bright over-achievers you got chosen over. You know it, your friends know it, your family knows it…all those people expect big things from you. They don’t say it, or show it…but they do expect big things.

2. Peers. One by one you’re hearing that your classmates are getting interviews with companies that were on your A-list. Starting their own ventures. Locking down dream-internships. You are happy for them (I GENUINELY AM, CAUSE THEY ALL DESERVE IT), but you’re ambitious and want to get that dream internship as well. Ultimately that’s one of the reasons you applied in the first place.

3. You get this friendly reminder every quarter titled ‘Your Stanford bill is ready to view ‘ and it helps motivating you to think harder about your career after the GSB.

But you know what…I’m glad I’m going through all this. For several reasons:

1. It brings you down to earth. no matter how big a hot-shot you think you were (because you are the GSB), this is a great reality check and a lesson in humility.

2. It teaches patience and perseverance. Yes GSBiers get great jobs, but (almost) ALL of them work very hard to get those jobs. So far I’ve learned that the GSB on the résumé helps you get attention from potential employers. Nothing more.

3. It helps you finally appreciate your answer to the question ‘what matters to you most and why’. Sounds cheesy, but wait till you get to the winter quarter (yes You, class of 2016 – if actually anyone reads it:))

to sum up, let me quote one of my music idols from the high school days:

‘just f****** persevere and believe in yourself’

so there you have it. my very deep and important message to the world;)


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