the truth about the gsb (..shhh don’t tell anyone)

perception is reality – some say. Facebook wall is reality – say others:)

‘looks like a party out there at Stanford.  GSB seems like a 2 year vacation.’ that’s the majority of comments i get. I kind of figured I’m the one to blame.

have you ever thought what’s your gsb story like as told by your fb posts. and how closely it is linked to reality? i have not…until recently.

here’s my…


…and it’s very loosely connected to what i actually do 67.9% of the time (although that 30%+ it is the best time i’m having here!!!). still my fb wall is what my family/friends and everyone else think i do here (well maybe not my family:D).

does your life look like your fb wall? oh wait, it doesn’t.

so no, we don’t drink, surf, hang out, chill, party, and basically have a blast all the time. Mondays are slightly different😉

don’t believe me? come visit!



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