Applying to a business school is quite a lengthy process, so here are few tips where to start:

1. (AB)USE THE INTERNET. there are a lot of places online where you will find valuable information about mba programs. below i present to you 3 that i found most useful. bookmark them and visit regularly:

– start with this page to figure out if an MBA is something for you and which one you would like to pursue once you figured that out, sign up! …and research all about the school of your choice, GMAT, essays, etc… best online place to get prepared for the GMAT! worth the money. (looks like the site is down at the moment, but hopefully it’ll start working again soon. for more info on gmatpill check:

2. LEVERAGE THE ALUMNI. from my experience, they are always happy to help and most probably will! don’t be shy to contact them.

3. TAKE YOUR TIME. if you won’t spend quality time on your application you WILL NOT get in. MBA is a SIGNIFICANT time and money investment so make sure that once you decide to pursue it you’re 100% committed. 130%.:)



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