7 years of touching lives. improving life.

Hello! (ok, this one is done:))

My first post will not be about GSB. It will be about P&G. A small tribute to a company that for me will from now on be a benchmark for everything business-related. I guess it is natural, considering it was my ‘first’ and so far only (significant) real-life business school (by that i mean job:)) So what did I like?

1. Smart People. …well this too. But (by far) I enjoyed the most their sense of humor:) Somehow I managed to work most efficiently and deliver the best projects with the ones I had the best laughs. hmm funny…;)

2. Geneva timefor several reasons: i. this was my first, really international work&life experience and it was SUPER EXCITING (or even more);  ii. i got to work on Gillette!   iii. it is a paradise for skiers:) iv. i bought my first GTI:)  v. …and i started thinking about an MBA (at GSB of course) – but this is a story for a different post:)

jet d'eau

3. My bosses. And their bosses. don’t know if i had the best ones, but i learned a lot from them. the most important skill of all: PATIENCE:)...and even though the process was painful at times, i’m really thankful for the end result! GREETINGS:)

4. CSR being an imminent part of P&Gs DNA. I was lucky to experience it first-hand and I’m confident I want to make it a part of my job, whatever next i will do.


5. My ‘quasi-abroad’ assignment in Budapest. ….6 months of ‘commuting’ from Warsaw to Budapest is a great school of discipline. best i had.

Any dislikes?

1. Processes & systems that suck the lifeblood from even the most energetic and driven people. i know it is important to have a systemized approach & a good structure in place, that will support the business…but i think we had (have) a tendency to overdo it…just FOOD FOR THOUGHT:)

in closing. 7 years of my life that i will store as ‘good memories’ and come back to with sense of nostalgia (in a good way).

all the best to current and future P&Giers!


One thought on “7 years of touching lives. improving life.

  1. Good luck Michal! Fantastic and brave decision 🙂 Looking forward to following this blog and knowing how you’re doing. Crossing my fingers for you.

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