Today I had the privilege, thanks to one of my classmates, to have a dinner with an extraordinary individual. Business savvy, but more importantly ‘life-smart’. A GSB alumn that had a very successful career and is now retired. He spent 30 years at one company (sth a bit ‘cosmic’ when you look at it from today’s perspective) and enjoyed it.


Anyways, what i found particularly fascinating in his stories was a strong sense of being grounded in reality (‘you want to change the world, but you also want to make money while doing it‘). Plus they felt really genuine.

So the bottom line of the evening (at least for me) was that your life is made of stories you (want to) remember. Which, I think, is true and means that you want your life to be defined by a certain experiences you choose to remember.

Also, one great point that he did not make explicitly, but that resonated with me, was that the most vivid and memorable stories that shape one’s life are almost exclusively about:  relationships or/and confidence.

Plus he told us that he once tried, and does not recommend, going (drunk) to the beach by the Pacific to watch the sunset…i wonder why…;)

SO… if one day Morgan Freeman comes to you and tells you he’ll narrate  your life, what would be the stories you’d like him to tell?  (:D)




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