thank you 2013

A year ago around this time I was sitting in my parents’ living room and polishing my GSB application. I hit the ‘submit’ button just before Christmas. Little had I known how much change 2013 was holding for me.  Now, a year later, I’m back in the same chair trying to get my head around all those unforgettable moments of the past 12 months:

  1. March 26th: getting ‘the call’. Unbelievable feeling. UNBELIEVABLE.
  2. Summer’13: Glastonbury, Yacht Week, Mexico. Fun Overload.
  3. July 31st: an emotional last day at P&G.
  4. September 6th: arrival at Stanford and… everything that followed:
  • Truly Inspiring GSBiers and (probably:)) Friends for Life
  • Feedbacks
  • Fighting FOMO
  • prof. Beyer for Accounting with her infinite patience and grading kindness
  • Condi
  • More Feedbacks
  • Career & Life Introspection
  • Thanksgiving Road-Trip
  • Learning how to play flip-cups & beer-pong
  • …and overall, drinking 24/7 from the ‘GSB fire hose of inspiration’I

This wouldn’t have happened without my amazing Family & Friends that supported the decision to move away from all the known, comfortable and cozy.

The bar is set high for 2014 but I’m somehow calm that it will deliver just fine!

Happy Winter Holidays and Be Bold in 2014.

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